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The Workshop

The place of birth for every Studio Bianco Designs creation.


The first step in the creative process, the seeds of an idea


Iain Lowrie

Owner of

Studio Bianco Designs; the architect, designer, and woodworker.


Studio Bianco Designs has worked with wood as furniture architects for more than two decades, and we like to consider each piece we make as one-of-a-kind. 

Located in historic Old Town Virginia, Studio Bianco Designs collaborates with designers, architects, and homeowners throughout the entire metroplex area to create unique stand-alone and
built-in pieces.


Using rare and beautiful woods, our custom designs reflect our passion for modern architecture, Asian design, and classic furniture. Studio Bianco Designs does a variety of work, from modern entertainment centers to Shoji inspired bathroom cabinetry.


Every piece is made to client specification and professionally installed. Our job isn't finished until the customer is completely satisfied.

- Iain Lowrie

Owner of Studio Bianco Designs

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